Apps & Integrations

Connect Scriby to all your favorite apps, add additional functionality to your notes and streamline your workflow.

Scriby + Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Schedule meeting, invite attendees and manage your work calendar from Scriby.
Scriby + Slack


Publish your meeting notes to Slack and set reminders with parts of your notes.
Scriby + Smart Reminders

Smart Reminders

Receive a blank doc by email when it's time to take notes, and only when it's relevant.
Scriby + Asana


Create and assign Asana tasks to one or multiple people from your meeting notes.
Scriby + Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Chat with your teammates or customers alongside your Scriby meeting notes.
Scriby + Trello


Create Trello cards with your Scriby meeting notes and make discussions instantly actionable.