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AI-Powered Reminders

Receive a blank meeting note doc by email when it's time to take notes, and only when it's relevant.

No more dumb notifications

Scriby automatically detects if a meeting in your calendar requires taking notes or not. If it does, we'll email you a blank doc. If it doesn't, then we'll just do nothing. We only remind you to take notes when it's really time to take notes.

Launch video calls in your notes
Launch video calls in your notes

Software that adapts to you

Not the other way around. We don't intend to change your habits. But we do intend to streamline your life. Our Natural Meeting Intent algorithm precisely identifies what the intent behind each event in your calendar is, be it an internal meeting, a meeting with a customer, a task, a goal, a reminder...

Private by design

Our commitment:
- At no point does any human see the events in your calendar.
- We do not store any information about your calendar events on our servers.
- We do not harvest your calendar events for data to fuel a machine learning algorithm without your explicit consent.

Getting started with Scriby + Smart Reminders

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