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Streamline Your Asana Workflow

Create Asana tasks and update Slack simultaneously right from your meeting notes. And assign the same task to multiple people on Asana in one click.

Take action in Slack + Asana

Select part of your Scriby meeting notes to create an Asana task, set a Slack reminder or update your teammates on Slack.

With Scriby, you instantly convert your meetings and discussions into actionable items in all your favorite tools.

Convert meetings into Asana tasks
Manage your Asana workspaces and projects

Assign Asana tasks to multiple people in one click

Overcome Asana's limit of one assignee per project without wasting your time duplicating tasks. With Scriby, you can assign a task to multiple people on Asana simultaneously.

Where you conversations live

Chat, take notes, create tasks — from one single unified interface.

Scriby is an AI-powered meeting notes platform designed to eliminate friction from your workflow.

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Launch video calls in your notes

Getting started with Scriby + Asana

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