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Streamline Your Work Calendar

Manage your meetings in Scriby and get more done with your work calendar. Invite attendees, schedule events and create new events right from your notes.

Sync notes with meetings

Create meetings or update your existing meetings in Scriby. Everything is automatically synced with your work calendar.

Scriby systematically attaches a unique set of notes to each meeting that you create or update. This way it's easy to remember what was said in which meeting.

Create meetings
Create Slack reminders in Scriby

Manage your meetings' lifecycle

Reschedule meetings, invite attendees, share your notes right from Scriby. Scriby isn't only about notes — it's about getting more done with less.

Declutter your calendar

Your notes are automatically organized by topic, team, customer, or project based on the rules you define.

You're busy. You deserve a pretty calendar.

Customize the content of your message on Slack

Getting started with Scriby + Google Calendar

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