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Online Collaboration. Reinvented.

Enjoy the real-timeness of Google Docs and the interactivity of Skype in one unique interface. Launch a video or audio call from Scriby and take meeting notes while on your call.

Make online meetings productive like never before

Send your teammates an all-in-one link that enables them to join your video conference and edit (or simply view) the meeting notes simultaneously.

Increase accountability and break down communication silos by making next steps visible to everyone while on the call.

Launch video calls in your notes
Manage your Asana workspaces and projects

The perfect link for each meeting

You may want your teammates to contribute to your notes while you chat.

You certainly don't want your customers to view your notes while your chat.

That's why each meeting you edit in Scriby comes with two links:

  • a link that bundles your notes and the video conference.
  • And a link with just the conference.

Ignite action

Create reminders, publish beautifully formatted summaries to Slack, create Trello cards and Asana reminders — right from your notes.

Scriby integrates with all your favorite apps.

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Meeting notes that unleash creativity
Launch video calls in your notes

Powered by state-of-the-art open-source software

All your video calls are powered by Jitsi Meet, the secure, flexible and open source video conferencing platform.

HD audio, screen sharing, encryption by default... Jitsi has all the features you need for professional video conferencing.

Getting started with Scriby + Video Conferencing

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