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Which calendar providers are supported?

We currently only support Google Calendar. If you'd like to use Scriby with a different calendar, please contact us.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We're sorry to see you go. But sure, go to Billing and turn off Auto-Renew. Or contact us and we'll cancel it for you!

Which data do you collect and process?

Please take a look at our privacy policy for a detailed breakdown of the information we collect.

How can I get better transcripts?

The better your audio recordings, the less you'll have to edit the transcript. Here are some guidelines that should help improve the quality of your meeting recordings:

  • Accurately set up the transcription languages and accents here. If attendees are from different countries, make sure to add the appropriate languages and accents under Secondary Languages. For example, if you're from the US and you're talking with someone from the UK, you'll probably want to choose English (United States) as the Main Language and English (United Kingdom) as a Secondary Language
  • Also, add Custom Vocabulary that's unsual or hard for a machine to recognize. Specifying brand, product names, acronyms that you often use will help Scriby transcribe your meetings much more accurately.
  • You can also select the right language and accent on a per-recording basis by opening the recording menu (1) and selecting languages (2).
    Set up the languages
  • We also recommend indicating who spoke during the conversation (3). You can pick up to 4 people. Scriby will attempt to recognize each of the speakers in your transcript.
  • Smartphones tend to have better microphones than laptops. And Scriby works great on mobile too. So recording from your smartphone will likely yield better results.
  • Make sure everyone is as close to the microphone as possible.
  • Avoid moving around the room.
  • Ensure there is no background noise.
  • Test the quality of the audio before the meeting.

Do other attendees of my meetings receive AI-powered meeting reminders too?

No, as of now, only you receive meeting reminders. In the future, we may add the option to automatically have the reminder sent to all attendees of your meetings. Interested in this? Please let us know.