How It Works

Pick a meeting in your Scriby dashboard

1Get reminded the smart way

We get it: you're busy. You don't have time to log in to yet another note-taking app. That's why Scriby automatically emails you a blank notes doc a few minutes before each meeting, and only when it's relevant.

Capture what matters in your meeting.

2 Capture what matters

Keep your notes private when you have meetings with customers or invite your teammates to edit them in real-time during internal meetings. Mention your team, add deadlines, apply meeting notes templates. Scriby is the first note-taking platform built specifically for meetings.

Ignite action right from your notes

3 Ignite action

Create reminders, publish beautifully formatted summaries to Slack, create Trello cards and Asana reminders — right from your notes. Scriby is designed to shorten the path between decisions and action. And it integrates with all your favorite apps.