Meeting Note Templates

Capturing comprehensive notes is key to making a meeting successful. With Scriby, taking notes is easy and straightforward. Pick a template, customize it or create your own meeting summary from scratch.

Remote Developer Interview template image illustration

Remote Developer Interview

Does your prospective remote developer have the skills to succeed? Check out Codementor's remote-readiness interview questions.
Standard Meeting template image illustration

Standard Meeting

A meeting note template with action items, decisions and todos that seamlessly connects with all your apps.
Brainstorming Session template image illustration

Brainstorming Session

A collaborative brainstorming meeting note template for anyone looking to structure their ideas.
Sprint Planning template image illustration

Sprint Planning

A handy sprint planning meeting note template for product owners and agile teams to navigate sprint planning meetings.
Scrum Meeting template image illustration

Scrum Meeting

A simple scrum meeting note template that connects with your calendar. Learn how to manage daily stand-ups and scrum meetings like a pro and become a real scrum master.
Status Update template image illustration

Status Update

Make all status update meetings productive with this note template — perfect for any meetings with your team, manager or subordinates.
Board Meeting template image illustration

Board Meeting

A board meeting meeting note template that connects with your calendar and all your apps.
Partnership Exploration template image illustration

Partnership Exploration

A useful meeting minutes template for discussions around partnerships with agencies, startups or corporates.
Lead Qualification template image illustration

Lead Qualification

A lead qualification meeting note template that connects with your calendar. Learn how to structure your sales meetings, streamline your sales process and become an expert at qualifying leads.
Job Interview template image illustration

Job Interview

A meeting note template for recruiters, hiring managers and headhunters to structure their feedback about candidates in a job interview.