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Partnership Exploration

A useful meeting minutes template for discussions around partnerships with agencies, startups or corporates.

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Name, company size, contact window name and position, industry, country...


How did the partner get to us? What are we looking to achieve by partnering with them? What's in it for them?

What's their background? What synergies are there between our respective companies?

Have they developed similar partnerships in the past? And us, have we been successful developing such partnerships?


How are we looking to collaborate? What are the goals? What obligations come from each party?

What metrics will we use to define success? What resources will we need to make this partnership successful?


What is the potential for this partnership in the next 3 months, 1 year, 3 years?

What problems or challenges could we face moving forward?


How motivated is this partner?

Do you recommend we move forward with this partnership? Why or why not?


What does the whole timeline of this partnership look like?

What needs to happen to sign the partnership? What needs to happen before we see the first results?


What's the next step? Do we need a follow-up call? Are there other stakeholders to update?

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