Sprint Planning

A handy sprint planning meeting note template for product owners and agile teams to navigate sprint planning meetings.

About this template...

There are plenty of onlines guides about how to run effective sprint planning meetings. With this template, you'll be able to summarize the content of the session into one digestible summary. We recommend that either the Product Owner or the Scrum Master takes notes for the team. You can also let team members take turns.

Under Retrospective, add a short review and retrospective of your last sprint. Under Sprint Backlog, add user stories, i.e. informal descriptions of the desired features, written from the perspective of your users. Break down each user story into individual tasks, with as much details as possible

Remember to define "Done". What will the product look like after the sprint is completed? Also, clarify the criteria for acceptance of completion of each individual task.

Every meeting summary comes with a unique link. After the meeting, it's easy to add the meeting link to Jira, Trello or any other platforms your development and product teams are using.

Why use meeting notes templates?

Make meetings result-oriented
Meeting notes and summaries unarguably make meetings more productive. They encourage attendees to focus on what should matter: action items and decisions. Research has showed that participants of a meeting are a lot less likely to leave a meeting frustrated about wasting their time when someone was asked to capture the minutes.

Save time preparing meetings
In truth, meetings are more similar than they are different. So chances are that you'll repeatedly go through very similar meetings. Instead of coming up with an agenda and a structure every single time you're in a meeting, you can save time by using a prebuilt template. With Scriby, you can even create your own meeting templates.

Break down communication silos
Meeting note templates help structure the meeting, increase accountability and decrease miscommunication. Meeting minutes templates also help clarify what the objectives of the meeting are. For Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, it is very important before the meeting to make explicit if "we are in the room to make a decision or to have a discussion?" Different templates for different expected results: that's exactly what you can build with Scriby.

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