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$ 7 4 99 99
per user per month, billed annually
per user per month, billed monthly

Unlimited meetings, notes templates, AI-powered reminders and standard integrations.


    $ 19 12 99 50
    per user per month, billed annually
    per user per month, billed monthly

    Everything in Pro, plus conversation transcripts, advanced search features and premium integrations.


      Pro Premium
      Unlimited meetings
      Meeting notes template library
      Create your own templates
      Calendar notes
      Impromptu notes
      Shareable note links
      AI-powered reminders
      Update events
      @mention, #tags and deadlines
      Real-time editing
      Video conferencing
      Send email summaries
      Team billing
      Team workspace
      Record your meetings
      Conversation transcripts
      120+ transcription languages
      Sync multiple calendars (soon)


      What happens at the end of the Premium trial?

      You'll have to choose between the Pro and Premium plans to continue using Scriby. You can also purchase a subscription and end your trial anytime. Simply click Buy Now in the Billing section of your dashboard.

      Why doesn't Scriby offer a free plan?

      It's actually really simple — having no free users means we can focus on providing our customers with a better service. That said, we do offer a free 14-day trial to the Premium plan, so you can test all features and see if Scriby is right for you.

      How can I add users to my subscription?

      Simply go to Billing > Users and click on Add teammate to invite someone to join your subscription. Note that your payment plan will be updated accordingly. We'll also automatically prorate the amount due.

      Is payment secure?

      Yes. Our payment processor Stripe uses the latest AES-256 encryption technologies. We do not store your credit card information in any way. Stripe is what's best in terms of payment processing so rest assured your payment information is safe when signing up to Scriby.

      Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

      Absolutely. And unlike many SaaS providers, we strive to make it very easy for you to downgrade. Go to Billing > Next Billing Date and then simply turn off Auto-renew. On your next billing date, your subscription will automatically be downgraded to Pro and you will no longer be charged.

      Is there a limit to the number of conversations I can get transcribed?

      Yes. With the Premium plan, each user in your subscription can get up to 20 hours of conversations transcribed each month. In our experience, this is sufficient for most professionals. But if you need more than that, please contact us to learn more about the available options.

      Is my meeting data secure?

      The safety of your meeting data is our number 1 priority. We store your meeting in an encrypted, secure cloud environment. We do not sell or otherwise monetize your data. No human at Scriby sees your meeting data. Please check out our privacy policy more details.